International conference for the automotive industry

AutoEvent 2018

19-21 June 2018, Hotel Ossa, Rawa Mazowiecka, Poland


- international conference for the automotive industry

Since 2005, the Polish Chamber of the Automotive Industry has organised the largest conference of the automotive sector in Poland and CEE. The two-day event attracts an average of 250 participants from sectors such as car manufacturing, parts and components, materials and prefabricated elements, machinery, equipment and tools, robotics and automation, logistics, software for industrial applications and business financing.

This event is a fixed item on the agenda of the most influential automotive companies in Poland and the representatives of government institutions. In the recent years, the conference has become an international event, attracting a growing number of foreign guests each year (among others, from Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, United Kingdom, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia, Turkey, China and Japan). The meeting offers a unique opportunity to talk to a number of companies in one place.


AutoEvent 2018 innovations - during a 3-day meeting we can get to know modern technology and innovative solutions in the automotive industry.

AutoEvent facts and figures:
  • 2005: first edition of the conference
  • 350: number of delegates in 2017
  • 400: estimated number of B2B meetings in 2018
  • 40: number of exhibition booths
The AutoEvent conference:
  • excellent experts and automotive practitioners
  • lectures, discussions, debates
  • an industry exhibition,
  • technical and technological innovations
  • inspiring networking,
  • organised cooperation talks (B2B),
  • high organisation standard,
  • the “Manager of the Year” and “Investment of the Year” competition finals.


Today, AutoEvent is more than just a place for exchanging ideas and establishing contacts. It is mainly a place where business unites. AutoEvent is the place to go for important contacts and contracts, as confirmed by the opinions of participants and the presence of esteemed guests, such as the managers of Poland's largest vehicle factories, representatives from purchase departments, major manufacturers of parts and components, and service providers.


B2B talks
and corporations

For several years, business talks between the meeting participants have been an essential of the AutoEvent Conference; they attract much attention.
Such cooperation is a great opportunity to carry out talks with many companies at the same time and place. Persons from purchasing departments are engaged in the talks.
In 2016 more than 200 companies from Poland and 10 companies from abroad participated in B2B meetings, and carried out over 300 business talks.



It has become a tradition that the AutoEvent conference starts with an inauguration evening party (19 July) which will help to break ice and get to know each other in a non-commital atmosphere. During the evening ceremony in 2017, special awards were presented by the Geo Globe Polska partners.


Thematic issues at the AutoEvent 2018 conference

During this year's meeting, new directions of development of the Polish economy will be discussed as well as key aspects of the activities of companies from the automotive sector, such as:
  • PROSPECTS FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY IN POLAND Situation and development perspectives of the Polish economy in the context of economic processes taking place in Europe and in the world; Protection of the competitiveness of the automotive industry in Poland in the context of concerns of Brexit; Cyber security in the age of innovation in the automotive industry.
  • CARBON EFFICIENCY, ELECTRO-MOBILITY, ALTERNATIVE DRIVES - THAT IS, WHERE THE WAY TO SUCCESS IN THE AUTOMOTIVE SECTOR LIES New CO 2 emission reduction targets for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in the European Union - European Commission proposals for 2030 and 2025; Will the diesel engine die - hybrid, electric, hydrogen drives; Hybrids - an unused link between oil and electricity; Disadvantages and advantages of various alternative drives - is electric drive for sure the best from an ecological point of view? Electromobility Act - what can be improved, how can it be implemented efficiently; Will we be overwhelmed by the "dirty Diesels from Germany" - what impact will this have on car sales in Poland?
  • PRODUCTION IN THE REALITIES OF THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION Management 2.0; Robotisation, automation and digitisation of industry; Maintaining quality in the automotive industry; Smart logistics management; Difficult storage decisions
  • OEM - AS STRONG AS THE SMALLEST LINK IN THE SUPPLY CHAIN Destructive trends in the OEM and Aftermarket sectors; Financial and technical responsibility for production errors.
  • Cooperation with education and research institutions to prepare the education system for the needs of the future high-tech economy Sector Council for Competences in the Automotive Industry (including electromobility); Vocational education and competences for the future, who should really care about preparing technical staff for the requirements of modern industry; Can the automotive industry count on the right technical staff without their own contribution to the education process? Are there any professions that should be included in the curriculum of vocational / technical schools in the near future?
  • WORKSHOP: IMPACT OF THE SPLIT PAYMENT SCHEME ON COMPANY CASH-FLOW Rules of operation of the split payment scheme; Restrictions on the free disposal of VAT resources; Channels for the effect of split payments on the financial health of businesses; simulation of the effect of split payments on cash-flow.


Marcin Budziewski
Coordinator of Foreign Projects (English)/ Head of Press Office
mobile: +48 662 729 514

Magdalena Szczypińska
Office Director, Conference Organization

Ewa Rosik
Director of the Consulting and Training Office

Monika Gołoś
Project coordinator